Del Campo Science Center, Sacramento, Ca.

It’s always nice to shoot at pre sunrise or dusk to capture dramatic photo’s. In this case

I was shooting at dawn, I usually prefer to have the sun to my back, it acts as a fill light.

I just had to grab this angle to get the warm glow of the morning sun which contrasts all the blue colors.

Shooting at dusk, coordinate window blinds, have extra people to keep the lights on for the motion sensors.

I always like to grab partial elevations and just love the warm glow from the morning sun.

The front was shot at pre sunrise and after the sunrise early morning shots with clouds were captured.

This is shot at dusk and there is always something which is out of your control. In this case we had temporary fencing up to protect the new grass, too much to take everything down for the shot. A couple of hours of photoshop and the problem was fixed

Clean nice use of color and graphics. My client always provide extra people so I can art direct from behind the camera, lots of moving furniture and cleanup to get these shots.

I always pay get attention to the details, all of the props we gathered from other classrooms to get the final shots.

This was a very cost effective photo shoot my fee were split four ways, Nacht & Lewis Architects, XL Construction, Kitchell & Degenkolb Structural Engineers.

Ed Asmus

Ed Asmus Photograpjy


Bowling Ball Beach

Bowling Ball Beach, Point Arena, California

This is truly an amazing place to visit. I prefer the black and white over the color, but both have their place.

It’s all about being at the right place at the right time. You don’t want to be here at low tide the rocks are high and dry and at high tide they are all covered up. A good tide table helps you pick the ideal time to be there for photo’s. We struck out our first time here.

At high tide not many rocks to see, some shots to get but we are not here at the ideal time, reschedule.

The magic comes in when you dial in the tide graph, you have to be able to pick a tide that is half way up at sunset, many variables to put you here at the right time. All of my exposures were at 32 seconds I wanted movement of the water and clouds to become design elements.

The magic happens for me, when I move in a different direction than the normal. Trying something new like long exposures adds a lots of depth and creativity.

The ocean, peaceful. the sound of the water is quite soothing to the soul, just a great place to explore, I just plan to do more of this type of photography in the future.

I am hooked on long exposures and they have a creative place in shooting my architectural work. There are times when my exposures are eight minutes long and if you shoot three shots to be safe and you are there at least half hour for one shot.. I am sure Ansel Adams would love shooting like this.

I recently printed an images out of this series, huge and framed it, all I can say it’s awesome. One of my fellow photographers in Las Vegas Eric Jamison also wanted the same print, it’s just extremely nice to share this with my friend Eric.

One of my favorites, I just love the row of rocks in the foreground in the dark, while you got the island of rocks out further with the movement of the water and clouds. This just gives this images a soft silky feel.

Both the color and black and white are powerful images. What a joy this was for me to capture stunning images of Bowling Ball Beach.

Let’ end with a close up of some shells many things to see if you slow down.

Ed Asmus

Architectural, People & Drone Photography

Ed Asmus Photography

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Hyatt Hotel, Davis California

The HR Group of Architects, Sacramento, California.

It is always nice to capture a great detail shot. This was shot at dusk because of the building orientation. I especially like the reflections at the far end of the building with the sun setting in the glazing.
This has a north orientation of the building and only lights up during the month of June, timing is everything. I picked the most dramatic angle which shows off the building under natural light. I tried to work with the Hyatt and house keeping to see if I could get all the blinds open and some things are completely out of your control.

Wow, clean colorful, excellent composition, attention to detail is a must. Thus was shot at dawn 5:20 am to eliminate the people and the blue light out the exterior windows to contrast with the warmth of the interior colors.

Excellent design and color, the architects did a great job designing the space. I always like to shoot one point perspectives, they just push your eyes to the center of the photo.
All I have to do is pick the best angles and execute.

Excellent colorful art, the wood and furnishing, looks awesome. It would say a great job on picking the best angles in the space and delivering, clean, crisp colorful photo’s.

Ed Asmus

Architectural, People & Drone Photography

Ed Asmus Photography


Behavior Health Hospital, Santa Rosa, Ca.

This facility is not open, waiting for their license and we had to shoot around areas that were not complete, but we made the best of it.

Part of our shoot list we had a short window to shoot the CEO’s, supplemental lighting and the shots turned out great. In the center photo very natural and real.

We wanted to show off the expanse of the courtyard and with careful placement of people it works very well.

I always like to add a motion blur which gives lots of human interest to a static shot.

We had to show off the patient rooms and because they were not open everything had to be staged and setup for the shots.

All of these shots are very humanizing with the people placed in the right positions.

Ed Asmus

Architectural, People & Drone Photography

Ed Asmus Photography


Del Campo High School Career Technology Center

Nacht & Lewis Architects & XL Construction.

This project gave new life to an old structure, a complete face lift inside and out.

I wanted to shoot at dusk and have the interior lights on at dusk. My client always brings a team of people so we can have people in the interior to keep the lights on because of the motion sensors.

Clean, colorful, excellent use of colors.

Let’s move in closer for a partial view.

What’s real cool, the architect had a competition with the students, the winner get’s to have a piece of art on the wall. Such talent at this school and what a wonderfull idea from the architect to add some students art to the wall, pretty cool. This shot was not on my shoot list but a great grab shot to add.

Having a team of people, I am able to art direct from behind the camera, major clean up to get the final shot. I really like how the architect pulled back the ceiling to be able to see the existing light from the windows, pretty creative and well thought out.

Being in Covid times, no students were present to use in the shots, so I used my client, add some movement to get a blur of color and you get a bold exciting photo.

Who would thing that a high school would have a classroom for firefighters, shoot when I was in high school we had manual typewriters, makes me feel like a dinosaur.

TV Broadcasting, social media wow the opportunities kids have today.

It’s just like a real television station

Ed Asmus

Architectural, People & Drone Photography

Ed Asmus Photography


Del Campo High School, Career Technology Center, Sacramento, California

Nacht & Lewis Architects, XL Construction. Degenkolb Structural Engineers, & Kitchell.

When I was in high school we never had a fire fighting classroom, only typewriters.

Pretty amazing that they have in high school a media television broadcasting class. Fun job to photograph.

Ed Asmus

Ed Asmus Photography

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Sacramento Behavior Health

This is a project that has been in the works for sometime. My pre production scouting shots started back in November 2020 and June 2020, politics is always gets in the way. The architect and the builder wanted to use their own photographer, simply out of my control. My client got their final images back and only one or two images were usable.

This building has a north elevation with no sun on the North side until the month of June. This was critical to capture this in the natural light lighting with the sun lighting up the North elevation. The solution is wait until June 2021 shoot ground exteriors and drone shots then. Being patient, waiting a year to do it the right way always makes all the difference in getting a hero shot. We are now close on re visiting the exteriors for the final hero shots. Let’s start the interiors now.

We finally get the approval to start photography in February 2021. I always make recommendations from my pre production scouting in this case, I recommended adding art to walls for color, I was overruled. How to do take a static shot and add some dramatics? I decided to had some motion blur to the images with people. Careful placement of the people adds just the right amount of human interest. We will be coming back to add video at a later date.

A nice lobby shot to show the brick add some people and shoot late afternoon, so there are no reflections in the glazing at the reception desk.

The nurses station let’s continue adding a motion blur where it works.

Adding a couple people, setting the furniture correctly all help make this work.

I did not have control of the time of day to shoot this shot, but to control the contrast in the windows three HRD shots were combined to make this shot.

Clean and simple and again HDR was used to combine three shots together.

What to do do in a shot like this? There not enough in this room to make this really pop but it is a required shot. Let’s add a motion blur to add some human interest.

We had to shoot in several different areas to show a patient group meeting.

All of out shots were done with and without facemasks. I actually shot this with many variations and really like slowing down the shutter speed to get some movement in the hand gestures, it just adds action and human interest.

Nice to have eye contact and in some of my variations. I slowed down the shutter speed to get some movement in hand gestures.

Ed Asmus

Ed Asmus Photography


140 Main Street, Roseville, California

Mogavero Architects

Being a licensed 107 Drone pilot it was nice to be able to get a bird’s eye view of the project.

A good overall exterior view but your hands get’s tied with street lights, you just have to pick the best vantage point. In this case the drone shot works the best.

Early morning light gives this a nice shadows. I always like to get no cars in my architectural shots but many times it’s very difficult to achieve. This was shot in HDR and combined three shots to lower the contrast.

This time of the year you always get pleasing shadows, take this same shot in the summer and your shadows that won’t be attractive. What really works for is the architects design of the different planes and the their choice of colors.

Good natural light brings out the colors and defines the shape of the different planes.

It all depends on what kind of light you prefer, this is late afternoon hard light. This light gives hard shadows with contrasting colors that are vivid. The light standards are busy but it is possible to retouch them out.

A similar shot to the above shot but after the sun goes down, I like both views it all depends on what story your going to tell.

A nice courtyard shot. My first try had to cancel, the ascent lights were not coming on at dusk and no access to the first floor meeting room. Back the second time, all the lights are on, shot in HDR combing three exposures for the final. My final variation replaced the sky with something that was pleasing and looked natural.

I would have liked to shoot this later to get blue light out the windows but I had many different angles to shoot, can’t be in all of those places at one time.

I just like the architects selections of colors both inside and outside it all flows really nice.

Ed Asmus

Architectural, People and Drone Photography

Ed Asmus Photography


St Josephs Catholic Church Remodel, Marysville, Ca.

This church was built in 1855 and Jackson construction was hired to do the renovation and bring this church back to life.

Careful use of natural light and picking a day in the wintertime when there is no fog or bad weather is always a challenge.
We shot the old spire being removed and the new spire being installed along with drone footage. The old spire weights 11,500 pounds. The new spire was made out of fiberglass and weights 300 pounds and was fabricated in Texas.

All of the existing stained glass was removed and sent to Iowa. The stained glass was disassembled, labeled, released, reassembled, welded back together and shipped back to Marysville, Ca.

It’s hard to image that this church is 166 years old and what a fun project to be involved in.

Ed Asmus

Ed Asmus Photography