Challenges to Shooting High Rise Building

Finding and gaining rooftop access for the best photographic opportunities take time to coordinate.   With preproduction  scouting  we were able to establish the best places to shoot this assignment.   Pre production scouting tied down the scope of work and allowed for multiple clients to share in on the costs.     With  a major tenant moving out of one of the building and moving across the street to 500 Capitol Mall, all but eliminated access to one  best vantage points.   I decided  to work on the best vantage point which was from 455 Capitol Mall.   At the Capitol Mall complex both the building business manager; Paula McReynolds and the facilities manager Mark Sullivan were both great to work with.   They required a certificate of insurance in place, prior to allowing access.   Once in place the final  scheduling was set in motion.  Mark gave me a set of keys for access and only asked to return them, when finished.   We were able to gain the best possible place to shoot from and used mother nature to help set a colorful mood at dusk and sunrise.    After our final illustration  was complete we went back in Photoshop and created our final images in HDR.  Five exposures were blended into one, which resulted in a greater dramatic range for the final illustration.