Bonus Revisit the Portlola Courthouse

Original  photo shoot in the snow.

The Western Red Cedar awards.   Shooting at that magic time dusk also brings out the blood thirsty mosquitos.The combination of having a client let you shoot in the snow and come back and re visit the site the capture the landscaping pulls the entire project together.

A building that fits the site very well.

Partial Detail shot

East Elevation

West Elevation

Very dramatic, clean and crisp.

The bonus is that my son got to go on the photo shoot  and we both had a great time visiting the train museum in Portola.   A happy father and son.

Daniel learning to drive the train.

One cool kid.Speeding down the tracks, horn blowing get out of the way,  Daniel is driving the train.  Yes, dad also got to drive the train.

Dad get’s to takes some of his own photo’s

Ready to go back.

A great photo shoot for my client and a lasting memory for father and son.   It’s to bad that all of my  photo’s shoots could be like this one.