What is behind the Wall?

Client:  Keith Yates Design Group. Project:  Pharris Home Theatre Laguna Beach, Ca.  This project is up for the Theatre of the Year and should win hands down.

Careful lighting and working with Keith to get the exact compositions for our final illustrations.

Everything was shot to a computer, viewed and  final changes were  able to be  made in lighting and composition.

Solving problems to keep the mood of the space alive.

Watching “Nemo” made my day

Details shots help tell the whole story.

Curved panels help establish the feeling of the ocean and waves.

Behind the wall is what makes a Keith Yates Home Theatre,  come alive,  “the sound”.

Great Home,  great people to work with.

Environmental friendly;  this salt water aquarium everything was moulded  and made from scratch, no natural pieces from the ocean were used.

A quote from Keith Yates

“Always a treat to work with Ed. He has great instincts, a practiced eye, state-of-the-art equipment, and has been easy to work with ever since our first collaborations 25 years ago. (Yikes!)”  — Keith Yates

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