How many photo’s are enought to capture the space?

Good Architectural projects that are designed well, give great opportunities for creative photography.    My first impressions  were that  I  would be able to walk out with five or six strong illustrations.     The Architects Nacht & Lewis had the creative design and Michele from Flying colors put her creative input in the flooring,  which tied the whole project together.   It is a real pleasure to be able to work on assignments like this, it always makes my job easy,  when something comes together like this.   Take a look,  at the final illustrations.

Natomas Library;

The intent of Nacht & Lewis on the design of the interior of North Natomas Library was to provide a large and flexible daylit reading room.

Symbolically the roof of the reading room was shaped to represent an open book.  The rough analogy was the letting in of light into room was synonymous with letting in of knowledge one attains with reading of a book.

Nacht & Lewis, the library staff and Flying Colors worked to achieve the layout and articulation of the space that would serve the public as effectively as possible.

Ed’s photography and way of viewing space captured the character of the library and pointed out to the design and client team aspects we had not anticipated.  Ed documented the space from the combined vantage point of user and artists.  Design and organization is what the design team brought and interpretative perception is what Ed achieves and presents to the viewer.

Andrew McPherson, AIA, LEED AP 

Director of Design