The Sacramento Central Plant

The State of California’s Central Plant, Sacramento, California, USA

Architect:  Nacht & Lewis Architects

General Contractor Skanska USA

This plant provides heating and Cooling for 20,000 state works while reducing energy and water usage.  A totally Green project.

This project had to be bid because it was a state job.  Lucky there were only two bidders, a San Francisco photographer and myself, detailed specifications, I like my chances.      When the bids were in, they were only separated by $200.00.   I got the job and my approach was to address problems up front, in the bidding process.  My main concern was that the site had many mature trees, which hide the building from the  leaves.  I proposed shooting this in two phases.  The first phase was exteriors and interiors, in October.   I proposed it would be best to come back in winter after the leaves have fallen.  The architect, who has been a long time client, agreed.   I also addressed exterior piping that cluttered up the west elevation.  The architect and Skanska issued a change order, so the west elevation shots could be completed, free of the exterior piping.   As you look thru these images, lots of dramatic illustrations, careful planning, exact compositions, and a five month window to complete this project.

Shooting the cooling tower at sunset and you turn your back and capture an exciting detail shot.

Back in the dead winter, no leaves on the trees, the building comes alive, being able to see  thru the trees,  from a rooftop view from  the fire station.

Changing light on the skin of the tower.

Clean crisp composition

This was a great job to shoot and I appreciate being allowed to do it the right way.