LPAS Midtown Apartments

LPAS  Sacramento Project: Alexan Midtown  Apartments.  Pre production scouting allowed for  solving the problems with cars, getting models,  establishing a shoot list, which tied down the scope of work and allowed for an accurate cost estimate.   Not a lot of Architectural Photographers spend the time up front in pre production,  to address potential problems.

People always give life to projects, shoot it at the right time, add a little movement and you get a final result that is always pleasing.

Always eliminating the cars, help in making long lasting images.   Complete traffic control and working with the owner helped make this a successful illustration.

Trees always help in framing your illustrations.

I always like clean front elevations.    We also had excellent sun angles for this project September-October,   clean, crisp, pleasing shadows and waiting for what is best for the project, always pays huge dividends.

I like the umbrella that pushes your eye to the pool.  I always look for strong  diagonal lines.

It’s always nice to give the client options and in this shot we shot this from a 12′ ladder to give a bird’s eye view.

The warmth of the fires and bricks giving a pleasing contrast to the blue sky.

Shooting from an elevated viewpoint gives the viewer a different  perspective.A little movement, a small blur  makes this into something real and not static.

Shooting from the ground gives the viewer a better perspective of the people.

What’s nice about this project, it has a dog park in the rear and large pets are welcome, just not elephants.LPA thanks for the work, it is always nice to work on good projects.