HDR Interiors

Client Maria Ogrydziak Architect   Project:  Alan Taylor Residence, a ten year old remodel.   For a small space lots of dramatic angles.

This is a straight shot with supplemental lighting.  Notice that the light fixtures are slightly blown out of detail and the back side of the chairs are a little dark, but everything is within the range of an excellent  illustration.This is the same shot as above but we combined seven exposures and ran this thru an HDR program.   Notice  the high lights in the light fixtures, the back side of the chairs, and how the shadows are open on the floor in the wood.   All jobs are different and all of my clients get the best, there are no short cuts to excellent photography.

It’s always nice to bring the outside into the space, maybe a little green on the outside plants.

Lots of different angles in a small space

Very little lighting; three lights to light the space.

It’s nice to be able to see the outside dining area.  A very nice project that was done over ten years ago.