Another hard day at the office

Gary Matranga has an awesome collection of cars.   Gary was referred to me by my friend Jerry Greenberg.   This was to be a photo shoot for a competition with a radio station in LA,  “Heels and Wheels”  Mark & Brian 955  KLOS.   A fast  car and a pretty women, how could we lose.

How does an Architectural Photographer find a model like Rachel, easy I call another photographer Rudy Meyers and ask if he knows of any hot models?   Thanks Rudy, Rachel helped make this a success and she was a delight to  work with.

Two and one half hours for set up and pre lighting.  Our final lighting set up had seven lights,  three lights for the car and four lights for our model.   Let me say this is a pleasant change for Architectural Photography,   I know it’s all about the light, but an awesome car and a great model “Rachel”, really helps.

We were close to bringing in our model and where do you  put Rachel?   Tool chest behind her or on the other side of the car?

We all liked this shot, great expression and if you are a man, you might be thinking “baby you can make any adjustments you want, nice wrench!!!!!!    Rachel is a little lost, so far back in the photo, but it is about fast cars and pretty women.If we moved Rachel closer in, it starts to show off her features much better, maybe a nicer balance.

Low budget act, no make up artist, not even a mirror, but lots of ice cold water to cool us off.  Nice light on her legs and hair.

It’s really funny, this was one of the first shots that was done, and for some reason we moved Rachel to the other side of the car, what a mistake.    What I really like is she is framed in the background by a red tool chest,  mechanics would love that,   it gives the viewer that hot rod feel,  awesome lighting in her eyes with great eye contact to the viewer and her figure really helps show,  the horsepower it takes to drive a fast car.  My choice, make some other photoshop adjustments and we are there.

I really like cropping this in tight, add a little gold diffusion, it’s starting to catch fire, all I need is the flames coming out of the pipes.

Wow another happy client not to mention the photographer!!!!!!!!!!