Airco Mechanical DMV Remodel Broadway Sacramento, Ca.

Here is a scouting shot, that I use to determine what I need to make something like this into an exciting illustration.   There are no existing lighting on this floor, the problem is that I will have to add supplemental lighting to make this space come alive.   Having the client on board makes this easy to accomplish, clean the space and make sure to dust all of the ductwork and I will do the rest.

This where I shine, I can be creative, push the envelope and deliver the goods.   Here is the final illustration, lots of supplemental lighting and shooting at  “dusk” with only a short window of  available light.    I always like, when I meet my expectations, that way I know the client will always be pleased.

Here the rough idea of what I wanted for a final illustration.   Being creative, it’s always nice to something different.   I wanted to light this space with hot lights and use the natural daylight in the wrong way.    The hot lights would let me light the person to be warm and the daylight at the right time would go to this surreal blue color.   I think the final illustration gives the visual impact that I wanted.

Contrasting colors always work but it has to feel natural and not like the scene has been lighted.

I wanted to show some action in the space,  someone welding or grinding metal would set the mood.  A long exposure would show the streaks of color and sparks, that I wanted in the final illustration.  Adding supplemental lighting in the foreground and in the background helps the final illustration.

What do you do with a space like this?   Do you shoot a person frozen in the space or add some motion to add visual interest?

Yes, by adding some motion you can take this to a different level.

A very static shot but by having some motion,  gives the viewer some visual interest.   Having some motion, makes it hard to see the tattoos on the person, which is always good approach in the corporate word.