Luxury Living Magazine

Client: Bob Tellesen, Vogue Homes. Shot for  New American Luxury Magazine Volume 2,  January issue 2012.

This is a Luxury Homes which sits over looking the American River parkway, secluded surrounded by great views of nature.  The project was done in two phases and this what phase one looks like. Being phase one we had to shoot around many different problems, but the final results look seamless.  

This was shot in the late afternoon with daylight mixing with the natural light. I always say I shoot with available light and that means anything which is available in my truck, hot lights, strobes and in this case – no supplemental lighting was added.

That special time – dusk – when the outside light drops and interior come alive. Yours eyes wonder up to the master bedroom.

Here is a 3/4 view which shows off the detail of the craftsmanship  from Bob Tellesen, a true artist.  It’s nice to hear the whole story where the teak wood was hand selected from Asia,  the staircase was built in the studio,  the windows were taken out and the whole stair was installed as one piece, simply amazing!  You get what you pay for, and Bob’s work shows in the details in the final product.   Being an artist myself, I am allowed to work the space for the most dramatic angles that shows off, Bob’s work and craftsmanship.

A great view that leads you up to the master bedroom.

Pre production scouting allowed me to send Bob a shoot list,  of what I wanted to make the interiors photographic ready.

My prep list addressed bedding, adding the chair and the plant for the final composition. It really come down to a partnership with the client and being on the same page for the final results.  Simple, clean and natural materials, nice to have the the contrast of blue light out the window.
Who has a bath tub that fills the tub from the ceiling?