Barbecue and photo shoot at Vance Nancy ranch

Long time friends, Nancy and Vance from Colusa invited me to their barbecue at their ranch, bring your taco grill and your camera.  They have two great daughters and the youngest one Shellen wanted some photo’s on her horse.

Working outside you have to be able to adapt to natural light and sometimes the light is very harsh.

My idea was to move her into open shade and add some supplemental lighting for a catch light in the eyes.  This is the raw file with no retouching.

Retouch the face for blemishes, crop tighter, add some gold diffusion to soften the overall image.

Raw file with no retouching just supplemental lighting for a catch light in the eyes.

Here is the final, something a fifteen year old will look back on smile.

Raw file with no re touching just some fill lighting for a catch light in the eyes.

I love the blue shirt, the contrast of the added warmth in the skin tones with the gold diffusion.

Add a few props, nice smile.

What I like most about this entire series of photo’s, they look natural and not forced.

Next we moved into the barn, she has won many ribbons in barrel racing. Making the ribbons out of focus in the background tells a story about who she is.  Add some supplemental lighting for a catch light and this puts her in her environment.

Add some gold diffusion to add some warmth to the final illustration.  Having that catch light in her eyes makes all the difference in the final illustration.

This is my favorite pose – arms back, deer antlers, barrel racing ribbons, tractor and excellent lighting.

Open the barn doors for some rim lighting which adds highlights around her arms and her hair. Next I added some supplemental lighting for a catch light in the eyes, and added gold diffusion to add warmth and to soften the overall image.  “Daddy is going to need a shot gun when this girl starts dating”.

Some attitude.

This cowgirl is growing up into one beautiful young women. I have been around their kids since they were born and this was a special treat for me – to put her in the right light.

Whether your  an architect, engineer, builder, a corporate person, or a farmer, you have to be able to put the person in the right environment.  

Got to have the boots.  Love the rim light around her arms and hair.

Got to have my helper in the photo.  Open the barn door for some hard light on the side of his face and highlights on her legs.

Yes, I almost forgot… she wanted a picture with her horse.

Keep it simple.

Spring is a great time to take these kinds of pictures.