Bogle Winery

Client: Rudolph & Sletten and Airco Mechanical

Project: Bogle Winery, Clarksburg California

Cost:  39 million, 280,000 sq. ft. of building, 131 wine storage and fermentation tanks

First light early morning is always a good time to be in the country for a photo shoot.  This was approved to shoot in the winter time, but I wanted to schedule this, when it was not a plowed field.  Spring time allowed for the alfalfa grass, which improves the finished product.  It’s all about getting the most from every shot and proper scheduling.

A straight elevation give the scale to the project and add some farm animals.

Having the alfalfa makes all the difference.

This is an optional shot to show the entry, nice curve of the road to lead your eyes to the building.

Lots of detail, many bends in the piping and shooting this, where you have the shadows on the ground help balance the final illustration.

A clean industrial view where future expansion is going on for more tanks.

Nice to having the framing of the structure to balance the final composition.

I like all of the stainless steel, many opportunities  to be creative showing the pipes.

Nice pipes.

I was able to shoot lots of images and left some areas that we were not allowed to shoot in.  I think you get the flavor how nice this plant is.

Clean, and very nicely run facility.

I use to live in the sleepy town Clarksburg, their old facility was right across the  slough from where I lived. Great memories and proud to say I drink their “Bogle” wine.