Residental Gold Nugget awards

Client:  Dahlin Group, Pleasanton, Ca.

Gold Nugget Winner!
Having an architectural background for 11 years, prior to Ed Asmus Photography gave me a good foundation on how to shoot award winning photography.  Shot at pre sunrise and the client helped in the process of hosing down the payment for the final illustration.

My approach was to shoot from a 12′ ladder to be able to see over the fencing.  This project was shot 6-8 years ago and with photoshop today as a tool all of the construction work on the left hand side would have been retouched out of the final illustration.

Usually all competitions require a front and rear elevation.  Shoot it at dusk for the most dramatic effects.Narrow lot lines makes it project unique and challenges your creative vision. 

Most of all of these compositions require five interior views, kitchen, living, master bedroom and two choice views. 

I like to add lighting within the scene to give depth, visual interest from shadows.  Just by adding the lighting on the palm tree adds some dramatic to the ceiling.  I also push strong diagonal lines from the books in the foreground to lead your eyes into the composition.

Many multiple nights to get the blue out the windows.

Just a little grab shot and it works having the blue out the window for contrast.

Simple accessorizes a watermelon placed in the right direction,  helps push your eyes thru the entire illustration. Adding lighting under the palm trees pulls your eyes all the way thru the entire composition.

It always nice to have some day lighted shots.

This has a nice balance of color and by not having the flowers to close on the right side makes this feel natural.

Lots of times there are no views out of the windows, but in the case some natural landscaping.

Here is the view of choice a small sitting area, wide angle lens, and supplemental lighting helps make this shot work.  Adding the lighting to cast shadows on the ceiling adds visual interest and helps this photo lots.

Do you shoot the master bedroom straight or at a three quarter view?

I shoot both views and decide later which is best.  The three quarter view has more visual impact. I also like having the daylight filter thru the window blinds and adding some lighting under the palm tree, just adds depth to the final illustration.

Dark floor, outside light require supplemental lighting and the trick is to make it look like it not being lighted.  Good job!