Ed’s to expensive!!!!!!!!!!!

Ed’s to Expensive!!!!!!!!  Actually, I’m not.  I approach all of my assignments with the most cost-effective, yet best possible image solution in mind. My approach is to tie down the scope of work with a digital walk- thru. This identifies the final shot list, addresses any possible problems (prior to the photo shoot) and allows for multiple clients to share in the costs. This is the only way to get the best images and shoot the best shots. Anybody can shoot and deliver a large quantity of digital images, but most are garbage and never get used. I don’t (and won’t) work that way. This job was split three ways (And could have been split by four!), which makes hiring Ed (i.e me) very cost effective. Everybody get’s beautiful images, (excellent marketing and portfolio material!)

Yes there are problems which take time to solve to get the right photograph.  I wanted a bird’s eye view of this project and maybe having the State Capitol in the final illustration for scale.  In order to get access to the location required posting a $1,000,000.00 certificate for insurance.

Here is the final illustration in HDR combining seven exposures into one final image.

Working with new clients my job is to educate them, on what  it takes to get what I want in the final illustrations and to work in harmony with the client to make that happen. These exteriors were for a new client and after they reviewed the scouting shots they were hooked.I am working with a new architectural client from Marina Del Ray, Ca. and they have medical interiors that have to be done the day before the facility opens.  Medical interiors have to be clean, crisp and always require major clean-up!  I do my digital walk thru, educates the client for my lighting concerns, the clients understands my needs, has input on what they  want and we work together as a team to achieve the finished illustrations.  Two boxes of props are sent to my studio.  These spaces are warm in color and I want contrasting blue light out the windows for visual contrast and separation.  That means shoot at dusk and pre sunrise for the blue light. The client had no problem starting one hour before sunrise.  This gave me two opportunities to work in a very short window of light.

Timing is everything, when you only want the best, the blue light adds the drama that I wanted and years of experience allows me to set the visual impact in the composition.  The clients props (pillows, and the bear) makes this feel, like a livable space. I love my work  this really shows my approach, composition and control of lighting.

Clean, remove printers, all of the clutter, and wow that takes time!  Our client also wanted the feel with people in the final illustrations.  Were  very lucky to be able to set the shot and grab staff for short periods of time, to make this illustrations feel real!

This would not worked as a successful shot, if the pre production scouting was not done!  A daylight shot would not give you the visual impact and having the client supply the props, gave us what we all wanted in the final illustrations.Add a nurse for a few moments and the space becomes alive.
The scouting let’s you establish the scope of work and put together a detailed cost estimate based off the scouting shots. In shot 15 above, “boring” you need that shot the the little bit of blue light of the windows to add the drama.

Move in closer, add a little blue outside the window, gives the impact that I wanted.  There is only one way to do the job, it’s the right way!

The bottom line, with scouting, I only shoot, what is needed and deliver, just like the postman, always on time and to my standards.
This was a recent job where the architect defined the scope of work and wanted three bids from photographers.  My approach, scout the project and shoot the digital walk thru which ties down the scope of work.  My scope of work was different, than the architects, which puts me out from being a low bidder.  I just had more shots, more at dusk which required more multiple nights.  In the end, the architect went with the high bidder and they won an AIA award on this project.  There is only one way to do the job “the right way”.

Very seldom to get a clear parking lot in the middle of the week.

When you look at the scouting shot and compare it to the final illustration, “no surprises”.Excellent views which establishes the scope of work that magic time, “dusk” another night!

Major clean up and there were no existing lighting on this floor, everything had to be lighted with supplemental lighting, lots of lights. When you do a detailed scouting of the project, you address all of the problems.  Sometimes I have to cancel, because I made a mistake and I left out having my client clean and dust off all of the duct work, we just rescheduled.  That magic time at dusk, better to cancel, and do it where I am happy!  

When you properly address the problems the solution is always close at hand. You can see from all of the pre scouting shots, the client kind of knows, how all of the final illustrations will come out.

“No Surprises” and you get what you pay for!