Turner Construction San Francisco

Turner Construction Oakland San Francisco. The client wanted to upgrade their marketing materials with new construction shots of their workers.  Our goal was to shoot from different locations, from a bird’s eye view, to the ground views, from wide to long lens, throw the background out of focus where needed and capture the company, in the right light. I think they were very happy with the results. There was little art direction and the finished results, show clean, crisp, illustrations that fit into their current marketing needs.

Shooting from an adjacent property, elevated gave us the view point we wanted to show in the final illustrations, shoot wide and shoot tight, remember make it look real. Proper dress, safety glasses, hard hats and vests, yes the clothes and accessorizes all have to new!

It was very important to get the company logo in the final illustrations.This works good as a team meeting with lots of construction going on. I like the red truck in the background for a contrast of color to the green vests.  This was shot with and with out the truck and let’s call this a grab shot at the right time, to get the red of the truck behind the green vests. Clean and simple, you have to have the pipes in the foreground and a clean background to make this work. Add some workers to give the final image a different look.

I like this a lot, shows off the city, construction and the team from Turner Construction.  Great contrast to the blue sky, the only thing I would do is, photoshop out the traffic cone.  When your shooting placing the people, getting the right expressions sometimes you overlook something like a traffic cone.

Move in tight, women in the work place is always nice to show.  I-pad to show the latest in on site technology.

I-pad with three people make this work, maybe no cell phone for the final.

I really like the perpective you get shooting down and the shadow on the ground helps with the final image.

Same angle just move in tight, clean and simple.

A very interesting angle by having workers the two levels.

You get dramatic illustrations when you use the pipes as diagonal lines, it pulls your eyes into the illustration. 

You have to have some nice people shots.  There is nothing better than capturing a person in the work place looking natural and not forced.  

Nice smile, safety glasses, vest, hard hat, makes this a good shot. All shot with available light no supplemental lighting.  I get their trust, I work them and always their personality comes thru in the final illustrations.

A different view, nice to see them all walking together and I am glad I did not use the one of them holding hands!!!

Nice smile, new young employee always give a company a new look.  On the final, I would retouch out all of the cords to make this a simple but effective illustration.  This was one shot, I would have over looked, but Andrew flew out from New York to art direct and because of him, we got this illustration.  Most of all of the shots were not art directed, but I was allowed to just run, take charge, take their idea and work it, to get the images.  You build trust with your client, this was my first job with them, and they liked the results.

Break for lunch, different location and this really works to show young Turner Construction people with a great smile.

I think this was her third or fourth day on the job.

I like the view of the bay in the background and having the welder out of focus. Nice smile and it works for their marketing.

If you start with a wide shot that  gives the viewer the visual impact, like the above shot,  then you move in closer for a tight shot that shows off the person. 

Nice to grab a shot when it happens. Tied off, hard hat, safety glasses, gloves and it’s a image that has many applications.