Salvation Army

Project: Salvation Army Suisun City

Clients: Salvation Army, Barker Rinker Seacat Architecture Denver, Co. GRA Architecture Sacramento, Ascent Builders Sacramento, and the Salvation Army.

The project had to be done in two phases, phase one interiors and partial exteriors, phase two overall exteriors and interiors of the Chapel.

I always like to add movement, try to control the amount of blur, to have and the final images gives a feeling of motion with the facility being used.

  Timing is everything, pre sunrise to get flat lighting, having the sunrise show in the windows adds depth and having the cross eliminated against a dark sky helps lots.  Even at 5:30 in the morning on a Sunday,  we still had to control the cars, always a problem but we were able to get clean illustrations of the exteriors.

Phase two included the Chapel which was not done when phase one was completed.

Got to be able to show the cross lighted for visual effect.

Photoshop is a great tool, we had one light burned out in the soffit and we went back in and turned the light on with the magic of photoshop.

I love the composition, great curves, colors and a strong diagonal line that leads your eye into the final composition.

Thru pre production scouting our goal was to have bright colors of clothing in the final compositions.  It’s always difficult to get everything you want, when you show up when it is suppose to busy, it’s dead, you cancel, re schedule get some people but not the right colors and after 2-3 times you have to just move on to another shot.

I really like the foreground, the motion, slight blur and it gives the feel of an active facility.

One person gives a simple scale to the whole illustration.When you add the motion you do not have to have signed model releases.

You have to show a working kitchen and having the red uniforms adds some visual interest.

A nice simple illustration, the red flowers in the foreground adds a good balance.

This is a simple shot but it took three times to get the automatic blinds up, remote control misplaced, third time is a charm.  Being focused on the end product you just have to cancel, come back!

The design is pretty cool, nice to have a cross designed in the glazing. 

The Interior of the chapel took two time to complete, no one knew how to operate the lighting.  Murphy’s Law no job ever goes completely smooth.