Scotts Seafood

  • Scott’s Seafood on the river.
  • Alan the owner, of Scotts Seafood, and the architectural firm of Arktegraf, Rick Carlile both a longtime client 20 years plus and it still works.  We have built a trust of working together over 20 years and I always deliver.

_E9O2125Alan came to me last year and said, we can use the hotel, the grounds around the hotel and we have no photos to promote corporate events or wedding. My comment is let’s walk the site, I will shoot some scouting shots that show possible shots and address any problems.  This shot had several problems that needed to be done to get a great marketing shot.  First your not able to see the river, by being elevated you can get a better view of the river. Second. there is no lighting under the palm trees or oaks on the river, which would add some dramatic by adding supplemental lighting under the trees. Lastly, when elevated there are no boats on the boat dock, need to coordinate boats the day of the shoot. Alan was now educated on what it takes to do the shot._E9O4178.croppedEverything in place, ladder, boats, supplemental lighting. You have to think of everything, our runs for power were very far, we had to buy heaver cords to carry the voltage. We also added an inline build in 30 amp circuit breaker. If we popped the circuit, we would not lose the shot, by having the circuit breakers, we eliminated that possible problems back at the building._E9O4719As we walked around the outside this was one of our scouting shots that our client choose as a final location. We added supplemental lighting and shot at that magic moment dusk._E9O4388This was an approved location based off our scouting. Sometimes my hands get’s tied, this was done in December and it is quite a good shot but could be vastly improved when the foliage is in bloom.

_E9O4639Pre set up the furniture in the daytime, have maintenance clean the pool and the deck of leaves.  We added a fire in the fireplace and this was shot from a 12′ ladder at dusk and at pre sunrise. Some things are out of our control we had no way on knowing that one of the pool lights were burned and needed to be replaced._E9O4209The hotel lobby was also an approved location. Clean and accessorize the space, add supplemental lighting, control the people and shoot at dusk._H4F5919This portion was done previous but I thought you might want to see the entire scope of work._H4F5903Shooting restaurants they usually do not close so you can shoot at dusk!  In the restaurant at 3:00 in the morning, pick the best angle, add lots of lights to pull out those reds and the fish art and wait until we get that blue light out the windows. Without having the blue light out the windows, we would not have that contrast between the red and blue that just balances the shot.


Need to show the banquet room, yes right at dusk to get that little bit of light out the window._H4F5359When you thought you were almost done can you shoot some of food?  When it is all said and done, a nice place to visit, a glass of chardonnay, a plate of oysters chilling, a summer evening on the patio with the Delta breeze kickin’In, life’s about perfect at Scott’s on the River.

I still have Ed’s photograph of the original Scott’s in Sacramento in Loehmann’s Plaza on my wall from 1991. It brings back great memories of both the restaurant and our ongoing relationship. cheers Alan Irvine President, Scott’s Sacramento River Inc.