Hank & Thom Loft SF

Client: Big Ass Fans, Lexington, KY

Project: Hank & Thom’s loft in San Francisco, California

_E9O6777As I was told there is no harsh light in the morning a good time would be after 10:00 in the morning, it looks great about that time.  Great space, and I always do what is right for the space and the light. Not flattering light at 10:00 in the morning, outside lights blows out, no separation with the fan from the ceiling, right place, wrong time!  _E9O6806I am here let’s take a look upstairs, and your eyes go directly to the buses, outside the window.  Hank and Thom, this is not going to work for me, can we do this this evening?  Yes, we have no plans, I will be back at 7:00.  Time to kill nine hours.

Screen Shot 2013-04-08 at 12.12.47 PMI am back, just starting as the light slowly starts to change outside. Adding a book to the foreground always adds interest._E9O6916It’s all about the light, their space was lighted perfect and I only needed one light to light the space. I would say my hosts were great and thru talking with them, I found out that they recently lost their dog “Corky” that they had for 16 years. I always looking to accessorize the foreground, their book on their dog, just gave this a personnel touch, that only Hank and Thom would know, fitting I asked if I could use their book, they said yes. The book open gave to much attention to the book and not the fan._E9O6934Close the book, turn the chair and add a light on the floor that lights up the fan so their is separation from the ceiling._E9O6928My hosts gave a very nice glass of wine and adding it to the foreground, just made this like they were reading the book on “Corky”.  This was my favorite angle, maybe darker blue light out the window.

_E9O6942This works as a straight elevation.  I turned the chair on the right side but it will probably look better if that chair is straight._E9O6960Turn the chair straight, the fire now shows in the fireplace, darker blue light outside gives a nice contrasting to the warmth of the inside and the fan pops from the supplemental lighting.  Yes don’t  forget to crop out the shadow from the fan blade in the top of the photo and photoshop out your cord from your light._E9O6883Great space, great people, my client is real happy,  I deliver what is right for every job, I only know one way to do it, it’s the right way.

Elyse Vincent Big Ass Fans

Thank you for doing that – the pictures are beautiful! I really appreciate the time and effort you spent on this shoot.

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