The behind the scenes look of how I arrive with a great photo.

Client:  The Buzz Oates Group of Companies

The people behind the scenes at Buzz Oates, 34 corporate shots of people, work in progress, still more to come.

_E9O8466Most of my clients only think I shoot Architectural work but I also do people. It is all about the light, picking the right location location and delivering. Quite a process to get this shot.JR.2First we scout location one, not much in the foreground, let’s move on to another location.

11th.1We look at a building the client owns, might work but we are looking for the State Capitol has to be in the background, keep looking.

_E9O6427A recent assignment “The State Library”, great view of the State Capitol, keep looking. It takes time and energy to do this but the end results are worth the effort.

_MG_4898We settled after 4-5 months, 12 stories up in the air, good location with the State Capitol in the background. I arrived at 6:45 a.m. to start move equipment to the roof.   I would normally cancel this kind of shoot because of the wind.  We had only a limited amount of time of open shade to work in before the sun popped over the top of the building._E9O8362Make-up, add the supplemental lighting to get that nice catch light in her eyes. It looks natural even between the gusts of wind.
_E9O8297It works and Shelley has great colors in her outfit to hold your eyes on her.
_E9O8501Same location our last shot here before the sun got to high in the sky._MG_4901
Now we had to move to another location, set up a 6×6 silk to soften the daylight and most of all our assistant JR had to hold on to the frame in the wind, so it would not blow it over. _E9O8534Three or four different people here and we break this set down at 12:30, great day, great photo’s and I am happy.

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