McGeorge School of Law

Client: McGeorge School of Law

Project: Update Professor photo’s and update the campus on a new look. My input was to educate my client, address their marketing needs and do this in the most cost effective manner. I liked that they were open to doing environmental portraits, putting the person to the right location and I was within walking distance to the campus.

McGeorge-.1I am looking to capture the professors under the right light, and mold them to their speciality. Yes, they have professors that specialize in water. Scout locations with water, nice location, close to Sacramento, shoot it in late afternoon and throw the background out of focus.

McGeorge.2The second location would be nice if we had a good runoff of water, the problem no water coming out of the spillways. I was looking to find movement of water with a blur of water in the background, that would have shown the force and power of water and shot under the right conditions would show a very powerful illustration. It just was not going to happen and I have to settle for an alternate location.

_E9O6641I always solve my problems first by scouting a location first. My problems late afternoon sun, what to do with it, was my main focus. I put up a 9×9 frame with a silk to diffuse the natural light. Add some supplemental lighting and it looks completely natural. I always start with a wide shot then move in tighter._E9O6637I just like being able to have a location work and use my creativity.

_E9O7886The location worked so well, we went back for a second time. A very windy day and I would normally cancel because of the wind. I set up a 6×6 frame and silk and the wind would blow it over, even with my heavy duty light stands. Time to re think my lighting and find a solution. I made sometime up that was 4×4 that would block all of the natural light from hitting his face,and all I had to do was add my supplemental lighting.

_E9O7873Move in tight and shoot between the gusts of wind.


New location on campus scout all possible locations. I liked this as a possible location, move the subject close and throw the background out of focus.

_E9O5562Simple lighting add a little hard light to the side of his face and I am happy.

_E9O5357Lots of clutter and they would only let me remove so much, but it works.


I like having the art in the final it just nice to have color and not to force it. Full frame and the final cropping could be tighter, less artwork.


Again move in tight to give your client more options.
_E9O6495I really like his smile and his personality comes out in the photo’s.


All of the offices are extremely cluttered, I have to pick a spot, clean, arrange the background, and make it work. Cross his arms gives a sense of power and control.


Upon leaving, I noticed the natural light and he looked very comfortable at his desk. I always say just one more shot and in this case it is always worth the extra effort._E9O5398I just love this shot colorful background, some natural light, accessorize the foreground, add my supplemental lighting, make-up and the rest is easy.


If it is a lifestyle shot you put the people in the right environment, marry them to the best natural light, add any supplemental lighting and the results will show.
It just pays huge dividends when you scout the locations, then you arrive prepared, and the client knows exactly what they are going to get in a final product.  Some people think that I only shoot Architecture, but actually I shoot a lot of portraiture, corporate headshots and lifestyle. My approach for portraiture uses the same prep and scouting that I use for architecture. You get the best results when it is done that way. “I take all of the guess work out and the results shows”.

“Ed Asmus is a true creative partner. His seasoned ability to art direct and conduct a photography session have made my projects a breeze from start to finish.”

University of the Pacific, McGeorge School of Law

Director of Marketing: Bethany Daniels Muhlhauser