Buzz Oates



It is always difficult to find the right location for a corporate shot. I scouted multiple locations and I thought the Sutter Club would be easy for Buzz almost ninety and let’s make this easy. Get there early set up multiple lighting set ups, test everything and just be ready. I like to be prepared and do not want to take up too much of their time._MG_5049

Here is one of our first lighting set up, one main light, a light off to the left for some fill light and one hard light in the background to give a little texture on the side of the face.

_E9O9359Time to shoot all of the partners first we started with Phil Oates first, simple clean lighting.
_E9O9452Make up done and keeping moving to the next partner and stay ahead of the schedule.
_E9O9295Here is what our main lighting set up looks like, three or four strobes. This was what I was thinking of Buzz sitting in the chair and his partners standing. Lots of time invested to set up multiple lighting set ups, you have to have a plan and you have only one time to get it right._E9O9547Time to kill, let’s test what I think the lighting should look like. Yes minor problems some flair over the top of my head let’s adjust this light and we should be good to go._E9O9536Let’s check it one more time before we shoot the finals. Looks good, ready to shoot._E9O9612I have a great make up artist Jean Fox and two eyes are better than one, attention to detail is a must._E9O9642Everything in place, lighting done, make up is done, let’s shoot this. I really like that all of the partners have dark suits and Buzz has a light colored suit, sometimes it just plain luck, when it comes together like this._E9O9663Let’s shoot this with them all standing, excellent light, great smiles, they look completely relaxed, just how I planned it._E9O0376Here is a man who is a legend and only fitting to shoot him in his home in his African room.  Simple lighting, move the furniture and I hope I look that good when I am ninety. I have know Buzz for 37 years and he looks quite happy and content. He has had his bible since he was 12 years old, amazing._E9O0416

Let’s try a couple of shots with him standing, some minor retouching and we are good to go._E9O0408We had his daughter  Kathy here and it always helps to have an extra hand._E9O0354Only fitting to shoot something different and a close up of his hands and the worn bible tells a lot about the man.
_E9O2154One things always leads to another shoot. Phil wanted family pictures with his father and I was happy to capture those precious moments._E9O2174
I sure like my job and all of my clients who allow me to be myself and capture those moments either architecture or people, thanks for the 30 years of support.

“Fabulous work. You really capture your respect for these people. Brilliant…..very few photographers are as good at people as they are shooting building”

Michael Guthrie Architect San Francisco