Chico Parking Garage

Client: Williams + Paddon Architects

Project: Chico Parking Garage.


As with all my projects, pre production scouting was done in December, a punch list of items were made for photography and this was scheduled in May when the light was best for the project.


Lots of my work happens at dusk or at sunrise, it’s just the nature of the business. With 911, everything has changed how we do business today. I wanted all of the interior lights on for my shoot and the police said no, our blinds come down at night for security reasons. It would have been nice to have all the interior lights on, but it just was not going to happen, make it work with what you have to work with.


 I do like to have cars in shots when you can get long exposures to show a blur of color, it just gives the viewer some visual interest.


It is always nice to have mother nature work with you,  that is not always the case, so I decided to add some color in the sky, to add some visual interest. I am sure Ansel Adams would be a master at photoshop today, if he was around.


The only things that I am not able to control is the wind, slight movement in the trees.


A nice elevation, good light, add people for scale in some of the finals and you got the shot.


I do like having the police car in the shot, I guess they can park in the red zone.


You have to show all four side of a building for awards.


My thoughts were to arrive early afternoon, shoot until dark and get up for the pre sunrise view, which is this elevation.


Once I get me overall views, I move in close and look for details shots.


The University Police is housed in the structure and only fitting is to show the signage. _E9O9250

Lobby view in the University Police, remove the clutter and shoot at dusk.

_E9O9242In properly scouting this project, the best solution was to arrive early afternoon shoot exteriors at dusk, grab a hotel and shoot pre sunrise, a couple of daytime interiors and get on the road. I eliminated unwanted standby time which in the end saved my client money. Hoped you enjoyed.