CHP Grass Valley

Client: Nacht & Lewis Architects, DPR Construction, Basalite Block and the Owners.

Project: CHP Grass Valley, California.


Pre production scouting help tie down our shoot list and address any problems prior to our final photo shoot. The building was complete and we scheduled a date for final photography.  As things happen when we arrived the building was not ready for final photography, we cancelled better to re schedule, then to try to shoot around things that are out of our control. Landscaping complete but not grown in, so we have to live with the exposed dirt.


I am just amazed that the architects can find a concrete block that looks like siding, fitting for a detail shot. You have to shoot this with hard natural light to make it look right.


Real clean mixing the concrete block, metal siding and it get’s to be fun when the architect adds these fun columns.


Move in closer under hard light to show the texture of the concrete block.


Move inside and shoot what daytime shots are available.


Major clean up to make this work and make sure you put everything back in it’s right place.


Five places to be at dusk where do you start? I choose to start where there is no architectural lighting in this area, shoot quick and move to the next shot. Shoot for a vertical, possible magazine cover shot.


Good clean one point perspective.


Got to show the kitchen area under quiet light conditions.


Yes, we moved a large picnic table, trash enclosures to get this final view.


The last money shot on the interiors at dusk, it makes all the difference being there at the right time. 


Now we move to the outside to capture the entry under our fast changing light conditions. 


Is it a long shot or do we move in close? Let’s give them all of the options.


Our last shot,  it’s a wrap, a  couple of shots were not possible.  I am pleased, when I know when I please myself first, then my clients are always happy.