The Arbors

Client: Mogavero Notestine Architects & Oak Park Senior Housing Partners.

Project: The Arbors Senior Housing Project, Sacramento, California


If I ever had to work a project this is the one, pre sunrise, early morning,  mid afternoon, dusk, it has to be on multiple nights and morning.  What you do not see, is what go on behind the scenes.  I had to take out of the ground, two major leasing ground monument signs, not enough time to have someone do it,  I usually just take control and get it done, now you can add that to my job description.


Quiet light is my favorite time to shoot, mix the soft natural light with the interior lights and you just can not go wrong. Nice overall 3/4 view.


Move in just a little and a completely different look.


Let’s include a partial view from the rear.


Let’s re visit the site early morning, north elevation, we are at the limits of having any natural light on the north side of the building because of the time of year and  sun angle.


Let’s work this closer and we can show off the masses and how they separate the different planes. It’s always nice to use natural light in the right light.


Let’s move to the south elevations and shoot our daytime views.  


You really have to include the daytime shots, but the dramatics shots come at dusk._E9O3436

Yes excellent view it is always difficult to get the cars our of the parking lot. Cars always seem to date a photo.


Let’s open the gate, so we have a clean overall view, yes that works very nice.


Just a fun elevation and just not able to get the cars out of the final shot.


Slight variations in a shot is always nice to include.


I like to include verticals which could lead into magazine covers.


Which is better the hard light of the softer light?


I like both kinds of light work, hard light and soft light, let’s give them both looks.


Let’s re visit the courtyard at dusk, that is when all the magic happens. The only problem the water fountain is not on, staff on site to get it working.


You have to work as many shots at dusk as you can.


Another night at dusk to get the soft light out the windows which enhances the interiors. Just the little bit of blue light out the windows  adds the proper contrast of blue light that I want in my finished illustration.


We have to show the circulation and how the facility works.


A nice view and with the blue light out the windows only adds depth to the final illustration.


A shot like only works after the sun has gone down.

The little bit of blue light out the windows only adds to the final illustration. Yes a different night can’t be in all of those places at once.


The computer room was on our shoot list._E9O6011

We have to show both models, I always look for different creative solutions, this works by giving the viewer and different look.


I generally have a very detailed punch list before I start any assignment, ask for the moon and wait to see what the client will approve. In this case the bedrooms lacked artwork, ask for the art, no artwork approved, so I have to shoot them the way they are.


I forgot my carpet rake and came back re shot these views.


A very nice clean shot, certainly looks natural, except I retouched out the street lights, I could take one step farther on the curved canopy retouch out the highlights from the street lights.


The last shot pretty fun seeing a sitting area cantilevered but lots of photoshop work on the first floor interiors lots of clutter had to be removed.  Hoped you enjoyed seeing my perspective.