Buzz Boxes

Client: The Buzz Oates Group of  Companies

If you are from Sacramento, everyone knows Buzz Oates, the original pioneer in tilt up construction. Originally he tilted up four walls, cheap construction, cornered the market, over the years the process still is the same, but better design in a competitive market has improved the product.  I was hired to give a new look and help change how people see Buzz Boxes. All of the projects were scouted first, a digital preview was made available on each project prior to final illustrations, all problems were answered prior to starting the project and a detailed cost estimate was made for each project.  Lots of pre production work up front, but I was able to educate the client on the right way to shoot their product. When the finished scouting shots were delivered, I was told that my scouting shots look great, better than our current finished shots. My comment was just wait, these are only my scouting shots, wait until I deliver the finals.
_E9O0100The original Buzz boxes were just four walls, some paint, nothing fancy. Buzz employed lots of people, taught many people the trade. 


The process is still the same, add good lighting, composition, landscaping to frame the illustration, then everything changes.

_E9O0079Still four walls for a warehouse, but add excellent color schemes, mature landscaping, shoot it under the right light and it works._E9O0265You move to a larger scale, the process is still the same.  You use good light, composition and everything works out for the better. Maybe shooting from a 12′ ladder would give me a slight bird’s eye, and it might  allow me to shoot over the landscaping the street._E9O9922Still four walls for the economical construction costs, add offsets, different materials, the product improves, capture it under the right conditions and you have a winner._E9O0866Todays marketplace demands something more for the client. Still four walls, except there are now offset planes, dramatic entries, which add visual interest. With improved exteriors it lends itself for nice lobbies. Pleasing colors, excellent furniture, artwork and the high volume of vertical space, fits in todays market.  Just be there at the right time to capture the space._E9O0428

This photographed very well and one would not think this was a Buzz Oates project.  The evolution of a “Buzz Box” has certainly changed and it is nice to see._E9O0965Lots of offset planes give the viewer the visual interest, capture it under the right light with no cars, coordinate interior blinds and call it a day.


Nice entries on both sides of the building. _E9O0885

Simple but effective, shoot the interiors space at dusk move some flowers for color._E9O1076Who would ever thing that Buzz Oates had curved interior walls, with bold colors, photographed under the right conditions and it works. It’s very nice to see the changes._E9O9880It’s no longer four walls, you may still have the four walls for economy but now you add different materials, add some depth by  introducing some relief in the exterior walls and it works. I use the trees to frame the illustration, good lighting, no cars, which is on a Sunday, had is miss the 49ers. _E9O0413When you can use the changing fall colors, it always helps in the final illustrations._E9O0352

For those north orientations that do not light up naturally, until the month of June, you have to just plan on creative solutions. This was shot at pre sunrise, one of the best times, I like to work. To make this work I had to hide one of the bright exterior lights behind the tree in the foreground, that exterior light lighted the curved canopy, lots of dramatics which makes this illustration come alive. I think these images of the Buzz Oates Companies building certainly changes how ones thinks of Buzz today, I certainly changed my viewpoint. I was happy to lend my talents and give a new look to the Buzz Oates Group of Companies. Buzz Oates recently passed away at the age of 90, he was a good teacher, his did it he way, his taught many people by his work ethics, the company will carry on and he will be missed. Ed Asmus