My Nephews Wedding in New Orleans

In September my nephew Max got married to his wife Lauren. I was invited along with my son Daniel, which he was going to be in the wedding. I wanted to give them something special, I could go out and buy a fancy gift but being a working photographer, I wanted to give them some memories that I could capture. _E9O6796My thoughts were to take them out to the graveyards, something New Orleans is famous for, they were up to it. We were off to the oldest graveyard, upon arriving they were closing, damm!  We tipped the person and she allowed us to stay for 10 minutes. Shot with just available light, work fast like your on an assignment.


Great back lighting, just available light, let’s darken the sky in photoshop.


Something simple, great smile.


We move to another grave yard.  My son is holding a softbox, synced with wireless radios,  just the right amount of supplemental lighting, so it looks natural._E9O6882It rains there all the time, let’s use the umbrella as a prop.


Yes we have to have their dog in at least one photo. Great natural light on the hair and shoulders, just add some fill from the front.

Hicon copper

When we were done they liked the photo’s so much, they said, we will get dressed up again in our wedding clothes,  if you would do it again, you just can’t say no!


This was the first place we stopped at, OK but not what I was looking for.

_E9O7137On our way back to the graveyards and wait you have to stop here! A little muddy, bugs but not everyday you get wild flowers, got to take advantage of this.


Nice, simple supplemental lighting and it works.7184-gold-diffusion

You can always be creative, let’s put the camera down in the wild flowers._E9O7210

Now we are back at the grave yards, time to get busy. I just like the texture of the old graveyard.

_E9O7205bwBlack and white is always a nice touch.


I just like having Max out of focus, it just draws your eyes to Lauren._E9O7257One of the more dramatic shots, my son is holding my flash off to the side of Lauren and Max, hard light, it just captures the mood. I should be a wedding photographer, second thought I will pass.

_E9O7212Nice to have a close up of the bride. I really do not do wedding and the ones I have done have been in France, so if your getting married and want to take me to France, call me.


One of the treats is the food in New Orleans, this was at K-Pauls Louisiana Kitchen, awesome meal.IMG_1061

My son loved the desert, I only got two bites.

IMG_1120Here is my son Daniel in his tux, pretty cute if I must say. We enjoyed our trip to New Orleans and I think Max & Lauren have some lasting memories from Uncle Ed