City of Tracy

_E9O3637Client: City of Tracy Economic Development Department.

Design Firm: The Placemaking Group, Oakland, California.

When I got this job my client gave me their wish list and budget. I originally had the whole kitchen sink a very long list of projects and not enough time to shoot them all.  Thru proper communication on both sides we arrived with a good shoot list and budget. I asked for contacts, orientations and they supplied me a great map of all of the properties.  I had industrial manufacturing 5 sites, shopping malls  6 sites, downtown 6 sites, residential communities 3 sites. I had 12 hours to spend to make this happen, I went over with my time but I am pleased with what was delivered.

My plan was to travel very early, arrive at the site to catch that early morning light._E9O0015Very large industrial users Amazon.
_E9O0002Crate and Barrel, most of the orientations were a morning orientation, get there early, on a weekend when you have no cars and hope that it is not windy._E9O0065
You can’t judge a book my it’s cover. This was on my shoot list from my client and from the looks of the outside I would not have them manufacture anything for me._E9O0418
Once inside lots of different manufacturing, this person is putting together handrails for light rail cars.

I carefully moved about the facility, added supplemental lighting and tried to keep it simple. _E9O0566

I was all packed up ready to leave and I turned around and saw this man checking the tolerances, got have to shoot this. Shoot wide open and throw the background out of focus. Funny this man reminds me of the man in “Men in Black”_E9O3695-copy
I was all done and the owner Vance Anderson said did you see the other side?  I comment was no and he said, I will give you a tour. Much to my surprise this is a light rail car frame which spins 360 degree so they can check the welds. I missed the best shot in the whole facility, certainly worth the extra effort. I guess from looking at the outside one could not tell this kind of fabrication that goes on inside. Wow_E9O3696-copy
Here is a variation from the top photo the only difference is the background is a couple of stops darker. _E9O0253
Pacific Medical was on my shoot list nice exterior then the light slowly started to change to overcast, cancel the rest of the exteriors because of weather, set your standards high and please yourself first has always been my motto._E9O3724
Pacific Medical makes one of a kind surgery instruments, which this was their training room which was the only place that I was allowed in. Clean, accessorize the space and shoot several different angles. This is where attention to detail is a must._E9O3759
The weather changed several days later lots of afternoon orientations.  I am patient just waiting for people to be in the right places and sometimes you have to take what you can get and move on to the next location._E9O3755
I always like to include shooting straight elevations._E9O3867
Restaurants always look great a dusk, usually lots of cars that get in the way of the composition, it is always a balancing act._E9O0272
I first arrived at this coffee shop and there was so many people I canceled and re thought my approach.  Let see they open at 5:00 am and that would be a good time for the exterior pre sunrise with the interior lights on, then I could go inside and shoot an interior._E9O0300
Once inside add some supplemental lighting move the owners closer to the camera and shoot.  The only thing that I would do different is wait to the outside light to be brighter and that would open up the glazing on the left hand side of the composition. Chances an hour later this place would be full with customers and the shot would be to busy._E9O0104
Very nice interior, available light and add images to the tv in photoshop._E9O0318
It is very difficult to shoot a restaurant with people in the space. This was set up to be shot after the coffee shot was done. Clean accessorize the space, ask if the burned out lights could be replaced which would have opened up the seating area in the rear, have to work with what I have. _E9O0225
This has a nice feeling to the final composition._E9O0341
I wanted to re visit this with early morning light and I like the results._E9O0092
Farmers markets are always nice to walk the street to see what you can find._E9O0147
The people makes this kind of shot work._E9O0128


What a great smile. I had 12 hours to spend on photography and I think they got a lot of photography.