Brasserie Restaurant

Brasserie Restaurant

Clients: Design Tech, Rotunda Partners, Reinke Construction, Brasserie Restaurant, Schetter Electric & Sherman Warren.


95% of all of my jobs I do a pre production walk thru to tie down the scope of work,

address any problems prior to the photo shoot.

By doing the pre production work up front, it allowed for client input and most of all

allowed for multiple clients to share in the fees.

Sherman Warren was the designer of the interior and also did the painting of the dog,

his input was, “Ed, see if you can get my dog painting in the shot.”

Careful composition, just enough of the dog painting, the great curved lines of the ceiling

lead your eyes into the final composition._E9O8730

Clean the bar, add supplemental lighting, clean and simple._E9O8741

Most of the dramatics come at dusk, just to add that little blue light out the windows,

it just adds the warmth to the interiors.

It is always about timing and what is best for the illustration.

A nice 3/4 angle, supplemental lighting is a must to light the back bar and the seating.

I shot this view two or three different ways, mostly looking at the alignment

of the chairs and the relationship to the flooring.

I just love how the red and blue colors play against each other.

I like this shot the best! The off setting color out the windows,

shines nice warmth on the interiors.

I love the curves of the ceiling, it is all about timing.

One only has moments to capture these views at dusk._E9O8776
A nice alternate view with a little clutter behind the bar

which makes this not clean enough to use._E9O8782
Great balance, everything works._E9O8788

Great one point perspective and adding the blue light out the windows,

just pulls your eyes into the photo.

A nice view from the rear of the dining area._E9O8805
Just have to capture as many shots at dusk one can get._E9O8809
A nice 3/4 view, excellent detail in the shadows and highlights.

This really shows off the use of materials,

great design in the flooring, curves in the ceiling, warmth of the wood.

Just a very pleasant overall feel to the final composition._E9O8816
A slightly different perspective, I just like how the chairs in the foreground

on the right side works better than on the previous shot._E9O8832
A very clear partial overall view, with supplemental lighting.

We actually had burned out light bulbs that we could not get changed.

Through photoshop I replaced the burned out bulbs._E9O8873

Got to have a detail shot of the bar._E9O8890

I always like to leave with some kind of interesting detail shot,

just like having an image with maybe two people having a drink.

Ed Asmus

Client: Borges Architectural Group Project: Monks Brewery

“Ed has always made our projects look better in his photographs, his pre production work makes it an easy transition to final photography and his attention to detail and lighting is the best.”

Borges Architectural Group

Adam Leher Principle

Restaurants are always a challenge, they are open seven days a week. I always want to be able to shoot at dusk for some of the benefits of using outside light. Your hands do get tied, sometimes my last shot is set up at 2:00 A.M. and we just come back at dawn to shoot the image with the outside light being the way we want it. _E9O3339

I always like to start or end with a detail shot. Nothing is better than looking at a nice beer, back lighted with my lights, it really shows off the copper work on the bar and it looks inviting to drink. All I have is water while, I am working.

Arriving on a slow night we start in the back. Add supplemental lighting, I wanted to add a glow to the curtains mid way into the photo to add some depth,  separation, change art work, and we are good to go to the next shot.


 A nice view which shows off a partial seating area.


It is always nice to pull a detail shot of the fabric on the walls.

Let’s start with a long shot, make sure we get the island in and show off the copper. Part of what I do is create fun illustrations. When I did my original site visit, I noticed the under the bar counter was void of light and dead of any detail. I recommended adding some LED rope lights for the final illustration, they listened and this is the result of working together with the client.

Not a lot of room for this shot, but it is anchored on each side with the columns, supplemental lighting, no dimmers on the back bar, just have to made it work.

A nice clean long shot.

Anyone for liars dice?

One of the brew rooms, nice color of the copper.

Set up as our last shot at 2:00 A.M., but back at dawn, a couple of hours sleep,

just to get the blue light out the windows, now that is dedication to your craft.

Here is an alternate view.

The last shot, supplemental back lighting, selective focus, setting the mood that your not drinking alone.

Ed Asmus

Architectural People Photographer

Mogavero & Notestine Architects Project: Brookfield School

Client: Mogavero & Notestine Associates

Nathaniel Sebok Architect

“Ed was great to work with, and captured the dynamic quality of the Brookfield School structures”._E9O5792Colorful, clean, nice one point perspective, add the clouds, it just feels good when your there at the right time.


Front entry is challenging on what is the best angle.


A good clean overall view.

Colorful, clean one point perspective.

If we had a lower sun angle, different time of the year, we could higher shadows under the overhangs._E9O5655

It’s nice to see when an architects designs a project, that they plan around heritage oaks._E9O5674

Pretty simple, when you get nice clouds you better take advantage of it._E9O5621

All of the color work, just can not eliminate the shadows in the foreground._E9O5694

Pretty simple design, let’s grab a detail shot of the trusses._E9O5575This is a great shot, clean, colorful  from the playground._E9O5595

This is a view from the playground, it best to show off the sun control from the exterior sun screens._E9O5584

It looks like a clean simple shot, but threw photoshop we had to add the bark in half of the photo._E9O5786

Back to playing with the clouds and waiting for the right moment to take the illustration._E9O5831

_E9O5826It’s twilight it time to shoot for some dramatics._E9O5914

Bold and exciting use of colors._E9O5904

They were not really all moved in, adding the accessorizes, showing off the skylight, just shows how energy efficient the architects have to design their projects today._E9O5851

Let’s end with a bold use of colors after dark.

Ed Asmus

Architectural People Photographer