Mogavero & Notestine Architects Project: Brookfield School

Client: Mogavero & Notestine Associates

Nathaniel Sebok Architect

“Ed was great to work with, and captured the dynamic quality of the Brookfield School structures”._E9O5792Colorful, clean, nice one point perspective, add the clouds, it just feels good when your there at the right time.


Front entry is challenging on what is the best angle.


A good clean overall view.

Colorful, clean one point perspective.

If we had a lower sun angle, different time of the year, we could higher shadows under the overhangs._E9O5655

It’s nice to see when an architects designs a project, that they plan around heritage oaks._E9O5674

Pretty simple, when you get nice clouds you better take advantage of it._E9O5621

All of the color work, just can not eliminate the shadows in the foreground._E9O5694

Pretty simple design, let’s grab a detail shot of the trusses._E9O5575This is a great shot, clean, colorful  from the playground._E9O5595

This is a view from the playground, it best to show off the sun control from the exterior sun screens._E9O5584

It looks like a clean simple shot, but threw photoshop we had to add the bark in half of the photo._E9O5786

Back to playing with the clouds and waiting for the right moment to take the illustration._E9O5831

_E9O5826It’s twilight it time to shoot for some dramatics._E9O5914

Bold and exciting use of colors._E9O5904

They were not really all moved in, adding the accessorizes, showing off the skylight, just shows how energy efficient the architects have to design their projects today._E9O5851

Let’s end with a bold use of colors after dark.

Ed Asmus

Architectural People Photographer

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