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Subject: Corporate Interiors Runyon Saltzman & Einborn

This is a look at the new offices for RSE

(Runyon Salesman Einborn) what a great space.

“Ed has always made our projects look better in his photographs , his pre production work makes it an easy transition to final photography and his attention to detail and lighting is the best.”

Borges Architectural Group

Adam Leher Principle

With most of my work, I do a pre production walk thru and shoot scouting shots. These shots help define the scope of work, addresses any problems prior to the photo shoot, allows for multiple clients share in the costs and most of all gives the client an estimate based for the approved scouting shots.


The architect, designed this great reception desk, great sculptural forms with just overhead lighting, it needed lighting under the counter to pull your eyes going to the architectural forms. My suggestion was to add LED lights under the counter to help light the architectural forms, they listened. This is how the finished space looked like with the LED lights installed under the counter. My input by adding the lighting, which just finished off the space.

Here is a view that looks at the client waiting area. What’s cool is the architect designed the back wall to have magnetic paint, so the client could change out the art on the walls, as needed.

Here is a view from the conference room, let’s work the space more,

to see what I come up with.


I really like this view, lots of depth and color that just pulls your eyes

thru the space.

From my pre production, this just had to be done at dusk otherwise, problems with contrast out the windows, got to have the blue light. Having the attention to detail, years of experience in lighting, it’s just how I work to get the most out of each shot, there are no short cuts.


Timing is everything, working with RSE, I had a punch list of all the areas to be made clean and ready for final photography. Cathy at RSE made sure everything was ready, so my time would be efficient. I just like using the natural light to add that blue light out the windows which adds to the warmth on the interiors.


Once the client moves in, after several months, all of the art is in place, time to schedule final photography. This adds the color and graphics that makes this a fun shot.

This is an informal setting area where the designers put their mock ups up on the magnetic walls, pretty cool. This interiors were shot over two evening to get the light out the windows. After this was shot was done, I wanted to re visit this the second night and have the lights adjusted on the walls, “to harsh.” Your eyes go right up to signage which could be easy to softened, just by re directing the lighting or adding diffusion over the lights. I asked Cathy, if she could get this done, and I was out of luck, just make due.

Clean and simple, red chairs blue light.

Clean up in the work stations, people working, just keep it simple and do my work.

Once they move in, spaces get cluttered quickly. I just had to clean several work stations, remove lots of stuff and accessorize the foreground.
Nice to have an overall view to show the scale of the room._E9O2293
I like the partial view, the beauty of this building it’s a major remodel to an old structure. I just love the texture we get from the old concrete columns._E9O2284
A nice detail shot of the column with nice balance of art and dark colors._E9O2264
You have to show the relationship of the kitchen to the conference room.

I decided to add a person in the conference room for scale, add some human interest, it works.

I always like to show circulation, push diagonal lines.


I had the architect with me on the first night and I just had him move

a little for scale._E9O2236
Just many great angles in this space.I just love the wood floor, contrasting colors from the blue wall to the art work, what a fun place to work.

What a colorful place to work.

Hope you enjoyed.

Ed Asmus

Architectural People Photographer