Client: McCamant & Durrett Architects. Project: Co Housing Nevada City

_E9O4383I had the architect keep a close watch on the leaves everything in bloom but not hiding the building was my input. The only problem was Charles was rushed to the hospital. The client needs come first, but the leaves are not going to wait. I told them, I good to go, give me a contact on site and let me loose. Add a person for scale,  color and it humanizes the shot._E9O5276My plan was to bring a 12′ ladder to be able to shoot over the fencing and get a bird’s eye view at pre sunrise. Great color the only things that are out of my control is the moisture on the roof._E9O4736My original intent was to have the pool lights on for the shot, but after seeing the pools lights on, it was more natural to have the pool lights off._E9O4502Careful composition, move the clutter on the decks, and retouch out the airplane trails in the sky.


I love this shot, careful composition, building the foreground adds human interest,put the green pillow in the shot which pushes a nice diagonal line that leads your eyes into the center of the photograph. Shoot it so some of the outside light values are bright and you have a colorful illustration.

Love this shot, it was an HDR image that included putting together five images into the final.