Part 2 My Strange Adventure into Africa’s Great Rift Valley

_Q8A2095We planned to stay five days with the Surma people, but was cut short by tribal tensions one night, we departed a day early. We still were experienced rain, which made the roads even more difficult. On our way out, some of the roads were washed out and we got stuck four times. It crossed my mind more than once that we were going to spend the night in the Land Cruiser.

_Q8A2125Our gang after a long day of digging out of the mud. If this was the rainy season no one would be able to travel these roads. There is no AAA out here in the bush.


Along the way you do get to see wildlife but not quite as much as Kenya and other parts of Africa.

The first little town we came to is where we found a pension for $2.00 a night. I gladly picked up the tab.


Some of the fun things to get to see while driving is are children dancing in the road as you go by. All of the roads are dirt and gravel with few paved roads.


It’s another long three days of driving to get to out next tribes. Our original plan was to go thru the National Park but the roads were not passable, had to back track and go the long way.


Our next lodging the Murale lodge. As you can see, a gravity feed water system from a 55 gallon drum.  The only problem the water comes out brown.  Being so far in the bush your stuck only a $120.00 a night and there are no other places to stay.


The Kara tribe, simple and colorful.


Not everyone smiles.



Ever photo costs me $00.25 and if there is a baby in the photo it’s another $00.25.


All of my photo were taken with an off camera flash setup, they all need the little extra pop of lighting to make a catch light in their eyes.