Awesome Corporate Interiors

Client: LDA Partners, Stockton, California

Project: Collins Electrical Corporate Interiors


All of my work even if it is out of town, I budget for pre production scouting. This has become such a useful tool over the years, it defines the work, addresses problems prior to the shoot and allows for multiple clients to share in the costs. With this proposal we had 27 pages of pre production pages. When I show up they were ready for me.

_Q8A9972This is their main lobby which had to have supplements lighting an in addition layering together five images to lower the overall contrast of the  final image.

_Q8A9816Sometimes I like to add people, add movement, some kind of a blur to get a static shot some human interest._Q8A9595All shot in the daylight having the skylight adds the natural light. In photoshop we brought up the texture in the redwood, so it would pop a little, all of these subtle changes take time on the computer._Q8A9648Real clean shot, again went the extra mile to add more detail and contrast in the wood. I am pleased just a very subtle changes.

_Q8A9581I always like to shoot one point perspectives when possible, clean and simple.

_Q8A9576Basically the same shot as above, just move in a little closer.


Always the biggest challenge is having the work stations clean. You can only touch so much of a persons desk, if they not at their desk.  My job is to make it look clean, neat and pick an angle which shows off the space.

_Q8A9385In the old days I would bring a ladder anchor my camera down. Now I bring a heavy duty light stand on wheels, attach my camera support, cable release and just roll the light stand around. I still bring a small ladder to  view the final composition. Awesome view of the space.

_Q8A9717Move in a little tighter, clean off the counters and I am good to shoot.

_Q8A9397 Being elevated certainly gives the viewer a different perspective.

_Q8A9529I always like to push strong diagonal lines it just adds depth to a shot.

_Q8A9757How cool is that plants growing on the wall, such colorful nice place to work.

_Q8A9805Lots of nice conference rooms this one had to be done at dusk to eliminate the reflections but shot at the right time. I wanted the last of the remaining blue light reflecting in the glazing.

_Q8A9299.TV-photoWhat a nice place to have lunch, excellent perspective. Add some images on the TV’s, clean and simple.

_Q8A9303I think my clients, their team of talented architects and interiors designers did this remodel justice. Who would think to have a red roll up door to divide the space, only LDA.

_Q8A9307Shot as a strong vertical, pretty bold._Q8A9279One of their many meeting areas, attention to detail is a must, hide all the computer cables, it just takes time.

_Q8A9325Wow, the kitchen such a pleasing bold use of colors, I want my kitchen to look like this!_Q8A9328Just clean and simple make sure you hold the detail in the suspended light fixtures.

_Q8A9340This was shot two ways one with the range hood lights off and one with it on. I actually like that misuse of the lighting, having the range lights on makes a color shift, which just pulls your eyes into the shot, it was exactly how, I thought it would turn out.