Part 3, My Strange Adventure into Africa’s Great Rift Valley

Our original plan was to leave the Suma tribe, travel thru their National Park, and tent camp for one night. The roads were not passable because of the rains, nothing moves in the rainy season. We had go back the long way another three days of driving on dirt roads to get to out next tribe.


Most of our travels we always had  to deal with some rain. If I had it to do all over again, I would leave a couple of weeks later. At least we did not have any mosquito’s or malaria issues, just the right time to go when it’s not mosquito season.


“The Hammer tribe” the most interesting tribe and easy tribe to get along with. I think this women could tell you some stories.

Just stunning people, proud, they live a simple life, no cars, no phone, no electricity, no running water and they just get by.


This is really like being a place where you are in National Geographic wonderland. 95% of all of my photo’s are lighted with supplemental lighting.



The chief of ones of the Hammer villages we visited.


They practice scarification.


Simply amazing they take red clay and butter to color there hair, wouldn’t you say stunning!



All of the people were amazing easy to approach for a photograph. Everything was negotiated for a fixed price to photograph. It costs $00.25 a photo and they listen for your shutter to go off, the best 25 cents I have ever spent.


What a striking young beautiful women.


Every once in a while I look down and see a different view.


We had a open day to visit the market, all of the tribes come to trade and barter. I just love this women, the second ring around her neck let’s you know that she is the second wife and the one who is in charge. Nice lighting against a simple background.


I had this women put a gourd on her head to add some visual interest. The blue background is great for the contrasting color, love it.


When a young man becomes a man, they have this ritual where he has to jump on and walk across 10-12 bulls. This is the first part of the ritual.

_Q8A3233 copy

You just have to be there to get the full impact of what is going on.

You just have to be there to get the full impact of what is going on.


This is one of the most amazing events I have ever attended.


Wow, this is what happens when a family member becomes a man, the women while dancing and singing get wiped. Yikes pray for boys.


We just discard our water bottles they make cars with them, one can see they don’t have much. When one travels abroad, it always nice to be home and you really get to appreciate what we have here. I will say it was safer here with no threat of violence, more terror in Paris and in San Bernardino while we were traveling. Nice to be home, can’t wait to go back.


Hope you enjoyed my adventure!


Ed Asmus