Design Tech Balance Body


Pretty clean, nice design, just move the furniture and fine tune the desktop and I am ready to go.


Pull back, shoot wide angle gives this view depth.


On our  first try at this, we came in to shoot and the space just was not ready, just had to cancel. Our second try we had to cancel, the client moved in and the space was just to cluttered to make it work, cancel. Our third try we worked with the client to clean the space so we could come in and shoot finished photo’s, that’s how you make it work determination.

We shot bird’s eye views to add depth and be able to see over the partitions.


Clean, colorful and properly accessorized the space to make it look like it is lived in.


I always like and one point perspective.


Being elevated adds some depth to the final illustration.


Open work area, keep your verticals vertical.


Lots of clean up an being elevated adds depth to the final illustration.


Clean, simple and the strong use of a ascent wall makes this shot come alive.


Even the bathrooms and a strong use of color.


It always nice to include a detail shot and this is an industrial look that fits with the interior design.

Ed Asmus