Refresh Serrano


This was my original shot twenty years ago, springtime when the oaks trees are in full color, early morning light, a winner that has been used for 20 years. This shot is not even possible to get today, houses are in the way.

Let’s see if something can be duplicated and improved on. You have to back light or side light the grass to give it the color and texture. Add a person walking the dog and it starts to work.


It is very difficult to get all the pieces in the right place at the right time. People playing golf, golf carts and someone walking the dog.


Here is a straight shot but with no trees like in my original photo hard to match all the texture and back lighting that was coming off the trees which gave it lots of depth.


A nice detail shot has the same mood as my original.

I like this view, we get to see clusters of housing and similar lighting to my original. This was a composite, the golf carts, the golfers and the person walking the dog were all added as separate images.

I hope you enjoyed an update to a classic photo.

Ed Asmus