Re Visiting Paragarys Courtyard

PARAGARYS.COURTYARDA timeless photo that has lasted many years. A gifted Landscape Architect David Yakish which has since passed away originally designed this space. I was hired to photograph this space. Upon my original walk thru the space lacked dramatic lighting. I installed lighting behind the metal panels, which backlighted the panels and the water elements, which set a romantic mood to the place.  We came in the night before ran power cords, pre lighted the space and blew many circuit breakers getting this all set up. The next morning at pre sunrise we turned on our lights and had our supplemental lighting in place to make this place come alive.  We left all of our lighting in place until we had final film. When I looked at the film, we killed it. I met Randy Paragary later that evening and he said, “Doesn’t  this look Great” and I said, it is missing lighting, which will add a romantic setting. I said let’s have a glass of wine, let it get darker and I will turn on my lighting, so you can see how this space should look. It was at that magic moment and I turned on my lights, Randy said, WOW, can you leave your lighting for a couple of days so my electricians can match your lighting. This one job, I look back on that I am proud of my creative ability to make this a signature shot for many years.



We fast forward and the restaurant was closed for about year while a major remodel was being done.  It’s time to revisit this space,  give them an updated timeless illustration. As always my work takes a pre production to make it happen, and make recommendations for the best illustration. Move the tables and just fine tune the final compositions.



I arrived at 5:30 am to start the shoot. A pump was broken on one of the fountains, which had to be replaced, none of the tables were set, no candles, no wine glasses and no matches to light the fire in the fireplace. We tried to set this up and in the end it was best to canal and re schedule.


Here is our second attempt and again we had to cancel  the fountain on the left the back lighting of the metal panel, the bulb was burned out, cancel re schedule.


Third time is a charm, here one of our finals, a bracketed fives shots ran thru HDR and modified our final in photoshop.



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