Broncolor Para 88


Here is a new light modifier that I love the “Broncolor Para 88”. Being a Broncolor longtime user, they are simply the best, it like buying a Rolex watch, very expensive but worth the money in the long run. This is a unique light modifier, mainly used in high end fashion work. The Para 88 can bee defocused for soft light and will illuminate large sets very uniformly from a relative short distance.  The inwardly directed light reduces the scattered sideways light decisively. The result is that, even in small spaces, one can achieve contrast control that is very difficult with other lights.

_Q8A1956A simple lighting set up, no make up and no re touching. Great color and contrast. This was shot 3/4 out for soft focus, looks great. If this was re shot, I would fine tune my adjustments with the Para 88 adjusted it all the way out for soft focus and add diffusion. Women are always best shot under softer lighting._Q8A1913No adjustments in color, no boost in saturation, only some minor retouching and skin smoothing. This light modifier has a place in the studio or location.  If your a man maybe harder light for the texture and if a women the softer the better. Strongly directional, rich in contrast and in general, an easy light to modify to fit any situation.  If you need a new corporate photo or an up dated photo for social media call me.

Ed Asmus 916.996.7560

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