Los Banos, Courthouse

Client: Williams Paddon Architects & Swinerton Builders


All of my work,I generally shoot pre production scouting shots to tie down the scope of work, address any problems prior to the photo shoot and it allows for multiple clients to have an idea what the finals may look like.


With a good compass reading, I knew to arrive early afternoon and shoot the south exteriors from 2:00 to 4:00. My plan was that there is lots of dirt around the courthouse on south side of the building that will look bad, unless I budget for a water truck to make the dirt go away.


Here is a final image with the water truck wetting down the dirt.


A nice partial view, coordinate the blinds an an easy shot to get.


A nice partial view, again the water truck helped tone down the dirt.


A required shot for a competition, nice to have the moon there.


As I move into the interiors in the daytime, lots of contrast from the dark wood to the light fixtures. With digital today this was shot by combining five shots and running them thru an HDR program. Just the right amount detail in the wood and light fixtures.


A three quarter view, simple and clean.


Again five bracketed shots and ran thru an HDR program.


Murphy’s Law, everything was scheduled thru the contractor, access, blinds, irrigation everything depends on my money shots at dusk on the interiors, everything was planned around that. This is a test view but needs the outside light values to drop at dusk.  At 6:00 pm, I was told that I do not have access from the head person from the courts. Now I have to re group, which is OK, “I am the Postman, I always deliver!” Grab dinner and a hotel and be back at 6:00 am the next morning.


Water truck back on side, set the flags, open all the interior blinds, get all of the interior and exterior lights on. I decided to use a long perspective control lens to flatten out the building and give the viewer a normal perspective. Don’t forget I still have to grab my money shots on the interiors.


Lots to do, arrive at 6:00 am, the only thing the contractor forgot was to turn off the irrigation, a mad dash to get that done, lots of retouching on the water, lucky for photoshop.


Switch to a wider lens to get a little different perspective.


A very dramatic angle this was my first shot of the morning.


Now it’s time to get inside and shoot before the outside light get’s to bright.


Need to show the volume and hold the detail in the light fixtures.


Shot under quiet light, just as the sun is rising.


The day before none of this furniture was set up, get the furniture plan and delegate this, worked out just fine.


Back outside at sunrise to capture the morning light, very dramatic!


A partial view which let’s the viewer see the architectural design elements.


Excellent use of morning light, this view shows off this elevation real well.


We also had our drone there, still working on the footage of this.

Hope you enjoyed,

Ed Asmus

Architectural People Photographer