Personal work with new Grunge make up kit.


I was invited to Daniel’s ranch for a barbecue and a music festival. I always like to do personnel work.  I ordered my make up from LA, awesome addition to my regular make-up. I always try to leave the house with my camera. I just was walking by and saw Julie’s dirty feet and my mind started to wonder, this might be my first grunge candidate for a photo. I asked Julie if she would like to be in my grunge photo and she said yes.Pretty fun day, fill flash off camera, add the make-up, “don’t touch those feet”.


My next adventure was done in the Delta on Ryer Island at a friends ranch, Alberto. Looks like it was taken out on the plains in the 30’s.I just love the cross lighting from the natural light, add some supplemental lighting to fill in the shadows and I have a winner.


Volunteers for my next shoot.