Corporate headshot on location or in the studio


Ever now again I get a call to shoot a photo at the State Capitol. From this shoot one of the persons needed a new headshot, I got their contact information and followed up.


If there is a budget for a make up artist then I strongly recommend hiring these great artists, most of the time I just do not get a budget for a make up artist. Having great make-up and a second set of eyes are always an added bonus.


Here is a straight shot with no re touching.  Skin can be smoothed, wrinkles under the eyes and neck need be softened and the right eye is smaller than the left eye, Photoshop”.

Skin smoothing around the face, neck leaving the eyes, lips and eyebrows sharp, looks pretty good. The only thing I forgot was to adjust the right eye.


Let’s change outfits and shoot more images. Here is a final with all of the retouching and adjusting her right eye, pretty cool.


Here is what I really like, simple lighting, background light, hair light and one main light. What is pretty cool is my umbrella it can focus the light from soft to hard which works great for a different look on men and women.

Broncolor has been a leading leader of  camera and lighting control, simply the best, expensive but very happy with the results.


Shot on location, no make up artist, only my make up kit and using the one light the Para 88. With this new system I am able to dial down my power and be able to throw the background out of focus, which just draws your attention to the person.


Just really like the catch light I get in their eyes now.


Simple and clean a lot of stuff to bring to a shoot but the results are worth it. This system is made by Broncolor in Switzerland, the umbrella is used by many fashion photographers in todays market place.


Being able to shoot wide open, having a high quality lighting system makes my job easier. She did her own make up and I like how she is posed nice to include her wedding ring.


Just to have a little fun in one of my portrait  programs, I changed the colors of her eye shadow, pretty cool what tools we have as photographers at our finger tips.

“Ed Asmus is an amazing professional at the top of his game. His photos were beyond expectation. He has a wonderful way of putting people at ease. His eye is great; he knows what will make a good picture and is capable of creating the right setting. Working with him, was a true pleasure.”

Donna Allred
Sacramento County Clerk/Recorder

I hope you enjoyed looking at a different way to shoot corporate head shots

Ed Asmus

Architectural People Photographer