Changing my Artistic Vision

I have been a longtime architectural photographer 30 years plus who captures the moments in time for my clients.  I am now pushing the envelope on my artistic vision and creativity.


Before Shot

This was shot at 350 second with nice clouds and reflections in the glazing. Ok shot, water and clouds are frozen.


After Shot

Same clouds, taken 30 seconds after the previous shot. This was done by keeping the lens open for eight minutes. I can now play with movement of the clouds and water as design elements, which opens up my expression of my artistic vision. This pushes me into a surreal different direction, which will only get better.


I still love classic black and white photography, just a certain richness you get in black and white. This is sure a lot different then the first image. You might have a special project that would look great captured under this kind of light let me know.

Hope you enjoyed this new direction of my Artistic Vision.

Ed Asmus

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