Residential Model Homes

Project: The Retreat, Rancho Murieta, California

Requirements for Photography: Usually when I shoot models homes, I always cover myself for any Builder awards programs.  Generally those requirements are front exterior, living, kitchen, master bedroom and two choice shots. I shoot more than what is required and always try to give my clients a great selection to work from.


Exteriors are always challenging and having mother be there when your ready to shoot is like winning the lottery. Supplemental lighting was added on the interiors, shooting from a 12′ ladder to be able to shoot over the fence.  You can only set up and do one exterior when the light is right. I just like the light at dusk and being able to have some clouds reflecting the sunset just makes this shot.


The same approach as the shot above, but with no clouds to reflect the sun over the top of the model. Still a nice shot but preference is to have the clouds for the dramatics. I am just waiting for mother nature to give some some clouds to finish up the exteriors.


Shooting in the daytime does give you a clean crisp look. This works for me now, shooting in the dead of winter is always harder. I will revisit this in springtime when the tree just starts to bloom, which will make a huge difference as long as the tree is not in full bloom.


Re visiting this in springtime, the trees will have some color, not a full canopy but enough color to help set a colorful mood which will help add life to this shot.


When your project is on a golf course, we need to be able to show both the golf course and the interiors off under the best light. Supplemental lighting shooting late afternoon gives me the feel what I am looking for in the final illustrations.  Drop a photo in the tv and I am good to go.


Good use of daylight with supplemental lighting gives the viewer an idea, that this would be a great place to live. I do like the late afternoon shadows on the golf course.


I really did not see this shot, but I looked back nice foreground colors, shows off the entire space very well and add that pop of blue light out the window and it’s a no brainer shoot it now!


It’s always nice to pull back and try to include some of the other room.


A good shot nice reflections on the counter.


Master Bedroom and we need to be able to show the outside golf course and well as the interiors.  Many multiple nights to get what I want to deliver to the client as finals.


A second bedroom, I always try to add some dramatics to a shot, here we placed a light under the palm tree to cast some shadows on the ceiling.  Shooting at dusk has allowed me to use the daylight outside and get a nice blue color of light, which helps.


Sometimes we do have not have complete control and our hands get tied, in this case no fire in the fireplace. Go back and look into my library of fires and add it in photoshop. In this area there are lots of people who ride horses and let’s just drop an images of horses  into the tv.


I always like to start with a nice 3/4 view, add supplemental lighting, level the camera and shoot.


A nice clean shot add supplemental lighting, add some lighting under the tree on the right side and make sure  you catch the blue light on the counter, looks good.


Let’s move camera position slightly to the left, push a strong diagonal lined show off the relationship to the golf course.


Secondary shots which it is nice to shoot when the outside light values are dropping, which adds color and contrast.


Just the exact amount of daylight out the windows on the right side, timing is everything.


A nice long shot which shows for the volume of the space


Everything looks good but the wrong picture on the tv, either golf or horses works.


All of the dining rooms need to be included in out shot list, for possible competitions.


A fun upstairs game room, add supplemental lighting, add up lighting under the palm tree and add an image to the tv,  good to go.

Kerrie Miller

Thank you Ed Asmus for a fabulous job shooting these beautiful homes at The Retreats at Rancho Murieta! Great work!

I hope you enjoyed seeing my vision into model homes.

Ed Asmus

Architectural People Photographer