The Delta a Glimpse back in time.

At one time in my life I lived in this small community in Clarksburg on an 80 acre ranch with a pear farmers daughter, Debbie. As I look back on my time spent there, the town of Clarksburg still reminds me of Mayberry, everything has stood still for years but this little sleepy community is only 20 minutes from Sacramento. It still amazes me that in order for to go to bed, you have to get use to frogs croaking,  coyotes howwling a far cry from the city noises, helicopters, sirens, traffic. Most of all I miss the connection with the landscapes, it was in my backyard something I took for granted, now removed it hard to make time to go down there and continue this work, have to put this back on my list.

One of my favorite landscape photo, “Clearing Winter Storm at Stone Lakes Wildlife Refuge.

Originally shot with my 8×10 view camera. Clearing winter storm at the Pilemans Ranch in Clarksburg, California. Today this view does not exist anymore there are grapes there now.

Bud’s Lock and Saw, Courtland, California.  One of my first portraits with my 8×10 camera.

Elk Slough in Clarksburg a view from my backyard.

Plowed field in the fog, Clarksburg, California.

Marge and Les Herringer, last eight rows of corn, Clarksburg, California.

Lonely tree at Stone Lakes Wildlife Refuge.

Melon Harvest at the Herringer Ranches, Clarksburg, California.

Gary Merwins old tractor, Clarksburg, California.

Stone Lakes Wildlife Refuge.

Cows in the Fog, Stone Lakes Wildlife Refuge.

Catfishing Lambert Road. This was the first photo taken with my 8×10 camera.

Pear Harvest at Stillwater Ranches, Hood, California.

Boat  Docks in Hood, California.The Old Sugar Mill,Clarksburg, California.

One of my favorites “The Last Eight Rows of Corn”. My friend Duke Herringer, his family has farmed in Clarksburg for years and he told me do you know harvesters cut eight rows of corn at each pass. We put our heads together and came up with an idea to leave me eight rows of corn in a field, a “Delta Classic”.

I hope you enjoyed looking back in time.

Ed Asmus

Ed Asmus Photography