Warren House, Chico California, USA

Client:  The HR Group of Architects & Modern Building.

Project The Warren House, Chico, California

A nice daytime view but lacks the dramatics, good use of having the trees frame the shot.

The money shots, arrive early the next morning 4:45 am to turn on all of the interior lights and wait until that magic moment “Dawn”.  This being an historical renovation the upstairs was designed with guests to stay in bedrooms overnight. My problem no lighting on the entire second floor, the solution was to add supplemental lighting to the entire second floor to match what was done on the first floor. Lucky,  I bring the lightning to be able to create the vision, I want in the final photographs.

The money shot, trees framing the shot back enough to capture the roof and all of the landscaping.  This was only possible by lighting the entire second floor.

Move in closer and show the relationship to the brick pavers and how much this allows for group activities.

Without the supplemental on the second floor all of the second floor would dead and out of balance.

The front exterior heavy with trees and block most of the views, shoot at dusk to eliminate any shadows from the trees and then move quickly to the interiors.

This was shot in early afternoon to giver the viewer a bright outside and have the feeling of daylight.

Shooting at dusk always adds dramatics and having that little bit of blue light out the windows gives and nice contrast to the interiors.

Excellent shot, it would have been ideal to have a fire in the fireplace but that was not possible. In photoshop we could always drop in a fire.

Taking advantage of the use of daylight and to capture a different mood for the first shots.

This is basically the same shot only at dusk when the outside light levels are dropping. I always like the blue light out the windows which contrasts the interior colors.

This is a real cool shot, supplemental lighting and careful composition makes this work.

I hope you enjoyed the Warren House

Ed Asmus

Architectural People Photographer