Natural Food Co Op

Client: Mogavero Architects

Project: Sacramento Natural Foods C0-Op

_q8a9568Pre sunrise is still one of my favorite times to shoot, soft directional light, mix that with at the architectural lighting, shoot with a wide angle lens and the dramatics start showing.


It looks like a simple shot but it took doing it twice to get all the tables and chairs to be set on the ground and second floor.

Let’s move inside, remove as much clutter as possible, timing is everything. The space has been designed to be energy efficient by adding skylight to the space. I did not want to see bright light from the skylight opening but a soft blue light which let’s people know it’s a day-lighted space.


Shooting at pre sunrise on multiple days allows me the control of the outside light.


My pre production shoot list from my scouting shots tied down the scope of work.


Customer service clean and colorful has to be completed before they open at 7:00 am.


Early morning pre sunrise, excellent colors, all of the values hold a little blue light out the windows.


It is always nice to give the viewer what it looks like from behind the counter.


I always like to push strong diagonal lines and it helps push your eyes into the shot and again shooting at pre sunrise allows me the control of the exterior light.


These kind of shots have deep shadows and highlights that you have to hold the detail in, good job.


One point perspectives are always good to use.


Upstairs dining area need to be able to show the volume in the space move back and put your widest architectural lens on.


Again timing is everything on the third morning, I wanted the blue light out the windows to add some contrast to the warmth of the interiors.
_q8a0021Nice to include a detail shot.


If you look some of the simplest things are right in front of you slow down and take the time to look.

_q8a0048This was again shot at pre sunrise before they open and I wanted to have the blue light out the exterior windows give the blue rich light to add the contrast to the warmth of the interiors.