CSUS Dining Hall

Client: Mogavero Architects

Project: CSUS Dining Hall Remodel

This was planned on a short notice with limited access. My contacts at CSUS wanted me to shoot over Easter break when the facility was closed. I got to pick my time and I wanted to be in there first thing in the morning before the light values got to bright outside.

Having to work fast to retain the nice soft outside light values makes these shots really work.

Carefull composition and being there at the right time makes all the difference.

I always look to push strong diagonal lines that leads the viewer into the final composition.

By not having the outside light vales blow out makes all the difference, timing is everything.

Being in here over Easter break means no food or color which works but not exactly what I wanted.  My hands to get tied from time to time, lets see if we can come back and re visit this when it’s open.

Clean excellent sweeping lines the pull your eye into the final shot. This just lacks being accessorized with food and color.

This makes all the difference by having the color, looks alive and colorful. I always try to set high standards and please myself first, then I know my clients will be happy.

Everything works by having the space accessorized.

It’s impossible to get people completely out of your shots in something like this. I always look for a slow shutter speed for a motion blur, this way I do not need a model release.

This shot just makes all the difference by having the island accessorized with food.

I hoped you enjoyed seeing how this all came together.

Ed Asmus

Architectural People Photographer