Salvation Army Newark, California

Client: GRA Architects & Diede Construction

Project: Salvation Army Community Center Newark, California

It’s always nice to have clouds, good clear sunlight, and a sun angle which adds texture to your final composition.

I always like a these kind of angles I had to revisit the site because the interiors were not complete, nothing is perfect but set your standards high and please yourself first and I always come home with great images.

Murphy’s Law making my second trip to punch out all of the shots and my money at dusk was all set-up the only thing the exterior light were not working. Not much I can to change the outcome no downlight lighting up the entry or the lights at the cross would have added  a nice highlight on the cross. At least I had the interior lights on that added the warmth to the final image.

This being the first trip where I had to cancel because they were not just ready for final photography. Let’s grab overall views and make the best of the situation, we can use these for finals or for pre production scouting shots to define my shoot list.

I always look for places to frame my shots if possible. I wanted to stage clear, but I had no access to the storage to move the the drums and piano off the stage. I would prefer having nothing on the stage and that would focus more the  architectural design.

A great shot of the lobby and really like the use of the wood in the ceiling, the curves on the walls, it’s just not a straight wall which this has a lot of depth.

My second trip let’s start with the overall views, lucky both spaces were already set-up, some house cleaning and shoot the finals. I like that the architects use of the clearstory windows to let natural light into the space.

Let’s close the partitions and show the set up as an lunchen.

A nice 3/4 view, try to make the stage neat and shoot the final images. This would have not been possible to get this on my first  trip. As a working photographer it is very difficult to have this set up for a final shoot, the tenant was so busy moving into the space that we are generally left alone to get our shots.

It’s always nice to have a kitchen shot, clean the area and accessorize the space with what you have to work with and shoot your finals.

Once back in the space, I see that they added a reception desk, carefully frame the shot, keep your vertical vertical and capture the view.

Let’s pull a detail shot which shows the signage and our little green man in the background.

I hoped you enjoyed my vision into a look at the Salvation Army.

Ed Asmus

Architectural People Photographer