Cherokee Memorial Park Chapel, Lodi, California, USA

Client: WMB Architects, Stockton, California

Project: Cherokee Memorial Park Chapel, Lodi, California


Working with a new clients they furnished me with a site plan and floor plans of their project. I always educate my clients that it is better to scout a project first, shoot some digital images, put them into a proposal  to tie down the scope of work and address any problems prior to the photo shoot.

Scouting shots nine pre production pages that went out to the client.

Shot at pre sunrise, perfect natural lighting with the sun acting as a fill light to fill in the shadows on the east elevation. The only problem these building are designed to be so energy efficient that we were not able to over ride the timer to get all of the lighting on which is crucial for this shot. I did budget my time for being there at pre sunrise and at dusk, I just have to come back, maybe from years of experience you have to have some wiggle room.

We quickly move into the interiors to grab some shots so we can have the partial sunrise out the windows. “Looks Good”

I still wanted that dark blue light out the exterior windows for color and contrast, “Timing is Everything.”

 Let’s grab one exterior just prior to sunrise so we can have some kind of a glow in the glazing, from the natural light. Somethings just are out of our control like the lighting and controlling the timers.

Back at dusk and almost a perfect shot no lights came on, on the columns on the left had side.

A straight elevation works real nice here and it is also nice to be able to see into the interior of the building.

Nice to have a little color in the sky. I think my new clients are very happy with the work and they gave me six more assignments. It would have been nice to have everything work perfect but not having the columns lighted, my hands get tied but still a great shot.



Ed Asmus

Architectural People Photographer

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